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2010 News:

Condolences to friends and family of Lois Winter who was an active member of NSDTC for many years starting in March of 1942. Lois held just about every office in the club and trained all levels of classes. Lois owned varies breeds but Springer Spaniels were her favorite. According to long-time club member Eleanor BeMent, Lois was "a fine lady and true dog lover – she was always loyal to the club."

2009 News:

Rick Angell has a new Aussie doodle Mochi.

Susan & Sarah Becker - Ruby earned her CDX.

Roberta Buchanan has a new Afghan Hound - Te Amo.

Connie Carlson's pup completed CGC and TDI and has 3 points toward Breed Championship.

Jane Coen lost her Sparkle in 2008 and addedKistler. Tripper earned his CD in June.

Mary Dellorto added another Doberman, Rivet, to the family. Her Gemma and Shayna have top 20 Obedience ranking in the DPCA.

Frank De Marco lost Tom and Katie, both Chihuahuas.

Deb Domick added Rally Excellent and 7 legs to REA title.

Betsy Easton added Border Terrier Ghilley to the family but lost MacDuff. Our condolences.

Frank and Nancy Foster's Rio earned CDE, CDX and UD.

Mary Anne Fowler's Meg has 23 conformation points but still only one major. She finished in the top 10 in the Parent Club Obedience ranking last year even though was shown only half of the year.

Ruth Ann and Andie Grant added a new puppy Columbia - Black Labrador Retriever - to the family.

Freddi Greenberg added Meg (Megawatt Hour), Flat-Coated Retriever, to the family.

Greg & Ursula Hoeft's Gus earned CD and CGC.

Rich & Ellyn Mayer added a new Cocker Spaniel, Bailey, to the family.

Daryl Nelms added Labrador Simba. Buddy earned his first leg in Novice Obedience and Simba her first leg of Novice Rally.

Susan Olsen lsot Dalmation Ria. Bently earned his Junior Earthdog; and both Bentley and Nikki have been very busy doing photoshoots.

Geri Richman - Jordan was added to the mix. Ryder's titles include: NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, U-CD, U-Ro1.

Hope and Fran Saidel lost Golly.

Bobbi Salmon - Best of Breed at Waukesha on 7/14 and 7/26.

Barbara Sciarra's Erinscot Henry Aston earned his CD 10/3.

Cynthia Suszycki - Joker CD, AX, MXJ and Story OF, AXJ

Emily and Harold Taggart added Keeshond Whyit to the family. Lydia earned her OA, AXJ, OF, CD, RN titles and CH.

Alice Terrill retired her JUST Dogs column. Busy, though.

Peggy Timm, DVM - "I was sad to say goodbye to MACH Q in March. He enjoyed two great years after being diagnosed with cancer, but inevitably lost the battle. I kept one of Bonus' puppies in Q's honor, my black tri Puzzle. Puzzle is turning into a wonderful agility dog and may also bring me back into obedience because he enjoys it. Reese is also a Bonus puppy. Bonus earned her MACH in July at the AKC Aussie Nationals - she won HIT on sheep and Reserve HIT on Ducks. Her brother Ace won HIT on Ducks! Sprite is competing at the Pro Novice level in Border Collie trials when not doing agility. Allie (12) and Floyd (14) are enjoying retirement!"

Joan Wetton - CDX earned.

Kathi Wilson - Freya ATTS TT and Axel 6 points for CH so far.

Janie Wondergem - Saluki Reggie earned his UD title November, 2008.

2008 News:

Congrats to Mary Boehlen and her new Miniature Dachshund - Candy.

Our condolences to Roberta Buchanan who lost her Afghan Hound, Squirrel.

Connie Carlson's Doberman, Rocco-Jadar's Solid As A Rock, is just starting his career as a show dog and took Reserve Winners.

Jane Coen lost her Golden Retriever Dazzle at age 16. Her Goldens Tiera and T.K. earned their CDXs in 2006 and Lover earned her CD in 2007. She has a new Golden, Tripper.

Mary Dellorto's Doberman Gemma was the #3 Doberman in DPCA top 20 obedience ratings and has a UDX3. Shayne was #6 and has a UD. Congratulations to Mary!

Frank and Pearl DeMarco have a new Doberman - Bart.

Deb Domick's Parson Russel Terrier Ruby earned her Rally Novice and Canine Good Citizen in 2007 and Rally Excellent in 2008. She has one leg toward her RAE in Rally.

Betsy Easton's Border Terriers MacDuff and Robbie qualified for and attended 2007 AKC Agility Nationals - Robbies first and MacDuff's sixth. MacDuff earned his MACH4 in Agility. Way to go!

Tomas Erffmeyer and Elisabeth LeBris lost their Pembroke Welsh Corgi Redford.

Mary Anne Fowler's Dachshund Hannah finished her UDX but then had back surgery. She's retired to the Veteran's class and is helping Mary Anne train her new Wirehaired Dachshund, Meg (Brodney Schoolhouse Bells Omega CD). She finished her CD four days after her first birthday at the Chicagoland Hound Association trial with a third high in trial having taken 2nd HIT at the Dachshund National and 2nd HIT at the local dachshund specialty. As of October 15, Meg had 15 conformation points and one major.

Barbara Frank DVM lost her Pembroke Welsh Corgi Twinkle and her Chihuahua Punky but has a new Corgi - Angie.

Chris Gandt has a Siberian Husky - Dakota - at her house.

Freddi Greenberg lost her Flat-coated Retriever, Keeley, but is thinking about a new dog.

Kim Markewll has a new Bouvier des Flandres, Rebel. He achieved AKC CH, AHBA HIC, UKC CH, UKC AG1, CS (Carting), UAGII, UCH, HIC, NC. Her Kinder has CGC, AHBA HIC (Herding), UACH, UCH CH, RN, CS-V

Rich and Ellyn Mayer lost their Cocker Spaniel Roxy.

Marianne Perlman's dog completed the RN and is a certified Delta Society Therapy Dog. Her German Shepherd Dog Misty completed her Rally title in 2008.

Geri Richman's Doberman Ryder earned BH, CD, RN, WAE and RA in 2007 and TDI in 2006.

Charlene Scher lost her Golden Retriever Arlo. Hunter achieved his CD and UCD.

Colleen Tsuji has a new Greyhound puppy Mica.

Alice M. Terrill (age 91) is still writing the column JUST DOGS for the Herald and e-mailing it!

We are sorry to report the death of our long-time member, Lois Seltrecht. We send condolences to her husband Vern.

August 2007:

Geri Richman reports:
Sera turned 9 on July 28th and Ryder got his BH, RN, and CD.

Janie Wondergem reports:
Saluki "Reggie" (TSH Crystal's Payday, CDX!!!, SC,GRC) earned the third and final leg of his CDX with a fourth placement at the Waukesha Kennel Club show on July 27.  Mom and Reggie plan to do a little rally training, hopefully finishing his RA as we work on the scent discrimination and other tasks necessary to work Utility. 

Freddi Greenberg reports:
I am writing to advise you of the death of my flat coated retriever, Keely, also known as Songdog's Kilowatt Hour.  Keely and I spent many enjoyable hours training with NSDTC.  She absolutely loved being there and doing her thing in novice obedience, though we did not ever get a CD.  She also enjoyed tracking and we appreciated Mary Ann Fowler's working with us on that.

Keely was diagnosed with Cushing's disease over a year ago.  She was treated and did well, with little change in her lifestyle and activities other than a need to reduce stress.  Despite this, the pituitary tumor that caused her Cushings turned out to be malignant and one day a few weeks ago it grew into the hypothalmus and she was gone in about a day, with no pain as I am told by veterinarian at the Specialty Hospital in Buffalo Grove, where just happened to be for a test at the moment she collapsed.  She had a great day the prior day and all along before that, so that was good for her but all was a shock to us.

She was a wonderful companion, bright and obedient.  Our vet noted to use that he was impressed when I told her to stand in the examining room so he could put her on the table and she continued to stand till she was lifted down from the table.  We miss her a lot.

She was 11.
We are planning a new puppy in the spring and we will be back to train with you folks.

April 2007:

Janie Wondergem reports:
Reggie (TSH Crystal's Payday, CD, SC,GRC) had a GREAT weekend at the Rand Park Dog Training Club trial this past weekend! He apparently decided it was time to do what those who train with him know he is capable of and quailified in Open A class under judges Robbin Shea and Sharon Hodgens-Wood both days of the trial. His score Saturday was a respectable 186 for which he earned a Fourth Placement! On Sunday he outdid himself with a 192! I can't seem to get the grin off of my face! Two down, one to go!

Mary Anne Fowler reports:
"The last three months have been a time of joy and a time of sadness. In February my DC Fancy That Sheshannah SW, TD, UDX, VC, RE finished her UDX. In March she took High in Trial and High Combined at a specialty. The Parent Club ranked Hannah #2 for obedience dachshunds in 2006.

"I am sad to report the loss of DC Fancy That Nikala SW, TD, CD in April. She was my first wirehaired dachshund and my first Field Champion and is sadly missed by me and my two dachshunds."


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