Picnic 2008

Thanks to our hosts, Lincolnwood German Shepherd Club!

A great day to be out with our dogs!

Murray and Cheri - those aren't their dogs!

Chris and Donnie - now that's Emma!

Everyone watched Geri at the grill!

Double decker dogs! Robbie & MacDuff on top, then Hannah & Meg!

Tiera and Lovey - the more tennis balls the better! Goldens galore!

Betsy had the right idea for keeping dogs out of her lap! Jane had company!

Joan, Peggy and Hope enjoying the day

Emma, Dakota and Buster

Fred and Dot (Fred's the Border Collie)

Gus and Lydia

Susan Olsen and her mom (with dogs, of course!)

Hope conducts the General Meeting and Betsy takes the minutes. Mary Anne presents the certificate from the War Dogs Association, thanking North Shore Dog Training Club for our donation.

And Mary Anne presents to Murray the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for his heroic act of saving the life of a fellow competitor at an Agility Trial.

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